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Hi this is Sid….. Today I  am going to tell you people about the 10 top secrets of Assam. So it goes like this…….

1. The place of Black Magic MAYONG- Mayong which is situated in the Morigaon District is only 40 km away from the capital city of Assam Guwahati. The name Mayong originated from the word ‘Maya’ which means Magic. It is believed that in Mayong magic is everywhere. There are stories of disappearing and reappearing of different objects which include both living as well as non-living One of the magic man named Tilak Hazarika can even stick metals on his body in the upright position and there are lots of cases like sticking of pira(an object made of wood for sitting ver close to the ground) on the back. After hearing all these types of humors I would definitely like visit such a secretive place but without camera because the magic men would never show up his real power in front of it.


2. The Wild Masheer- Wild Masheer is a resort, but is not an ordinary one. It’s a colonial resort i.e., built by the British. If you really are in fond of nature I would suggest you to take a tour of it because its all greenish and wild. The whole area is of 22 acres and its located in the midst of tea garden in balipara (Nameri). It has 5 bungalows and the main bungalow is name after ‘game fish’. Its 220 km from Guwahati airport and merely takes 30 mins from the Tezpur airport. When Amir khan came for a visit to the Kaziranga National Park he stayed there. I got this information coz recently I had a chance visited this beautiful place….


3. Umrangshu- Umrangshu is located in the border of Assam and Meghalaya. Its 225 km away from Guwahati and about 112 km from Halflong. It’s a hill station well known for its scenic beauty. About 7-8 km from Umrangshu, there lies a place called Garampani which consists of hot springs. It’s a popular tourists spot. The weather in Umrangshu is very great for relaxing and releasing stress. The place is chilly during the winters and cold and humid normally.overall it’s a very beautiful and gorgeous place for holidays


4. The Kamakhya Temple- The Maa Kamakhya temple though seems to be known to all but is secretive one. It has got so many places inside that no one has ever visited. Its located on the Nilachal Hill and has a altitude of 800 feet above sea level. Moreover it is more than 2200 years old. One can experience great views from the hill that would make anyone stunned. The Kamakhya temple is one among the 52 sati peeths of India. The temple was rebuilt in 17th century by king Nara Narayana from Cooch Bihar. I would definitely suggest to take a tour and discover it yourself as it consist of lots of secretive places.


5. Bura-Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary- The Bura-Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary is about 30km away from Tezpur. The Tezpur town is a very historical place as it has got a loads of places to visit namely The Mahabhairav temple, Agnigarh, Nameri National Park and so on. Coming back to the Bura-Chapori Wildlife Sanctuary, it  covers an area of 44.06 sq.km and has different species of birds as well as wild animals. Some of them are tiger, wild hog, elephant, one horned rhino, wild buffalo. some birds include the Bengal florican, woodcock,swamp partridge.


6. Ketakeshwar Dewal- The Ketakashwer Dewal is a famous temple of Lord Shiva. Its different from the others because the Shivlinga in the temple is one of the biggest in the world. The temple has consists two parts. In one part, the actual linga is located, in the other there is the main base of the linga.During an earthquake the Shivlinga was uprooted and fixed in the current position. This holy place is open for all visitors and recently it has been developed more and more for the comfort of the common people like us.


7. Jorhat- Don’t think Jorhat as a secretive place coz its not…..But there is a Haunted house which is a secret to lot of people. It was a lodge of the Freemasons during the British rule near gymkhana and this place is absolutely Haunted. sound and noises of different inhumane things are heard during night and sometimes rituals of black magic is also done says the local people. Some people with big hearts when investigated it found different types symbols in the various parts of the house. So please don’t have a visit there…… it’s my suggestion otherwise it’s up to you….


8. Jatinga- Jatinga village is located in the Dima Hasao district of Assam. This place is famous for the suicide of birds. During moonless nights approximately at 6-7pm the birds attempt suicide by diving 600 feet depth and this happens every year without a break. Most of them are migratory birds. The birds may be attracted to the village lights or may be there is a magnetic field that attracts them….


9. Talatal ghar- The Talatal Ghar was initially built as an army base. It consists of two secret tunnels and three floors below ground level. These floors were used as exit routes during the wars of the Ahoms. The Talatal Ghar has the below-ground structure of the Rangpur Palace and the four floors above the ground makes the Kareng Ghar. Overall, it has got seven floor and also has a secretive tunnel which is now banned as some people who entered it never returned back.


10. Bamuni Hills- The Bamuni Hills is nice destination and lots of people though visit Tezpur don’t go for it. You can try visiting this one. It is a sculptural ruins built in may be 9th or 10th century. One can see the influence of Gupta Style of architecture there and the brilliance in the ancient age can be felt purely on the visit .


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